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April 16th, 2018 by johnmatusiak

4/20-4/22 – Immerse yourself in a weekend of Jazz in Cape May . . . Chris Botti, The Baylor Project, Deva Mahal, William Bell & the Memphis Soul Revue, Music Connects Big Band, Joey Alexander Trio, and much more!


April 2nd, 2018 by johnmatusiak


June 3 – June 10, 2018 – CAPE MAY RESTAURANT WEEK




March 5th, 2018 by johnmatusiak

April 20 – April 22, 2018 – EXIT ZERO JAZZ FESTIVAL

April 27 – May 20, 2018 – CAPE MAY SPRING CELEBRATION


May 27 – June 15, 2018 – CAPE MAY’S MUSIC FESTIVAL

Upcoming Fall/Winter Events in Cape May

September 19th, 2016 by johnmatusiak

9/24 – 5th Annual Dragon Boat Festival
10/1 – Oktoberfest
10/8 – West Cape May Lima Bean Festival
10/9 & 10/10 – Cape May Wine & Food Experience
11/3, 11/4, 11/5 & 11/6 – CM Restaurant Weekend
11/11, 11/12 & 11/13 – Exit 0 Jazz Festival
12/3 – West Cape May Christmas Parade
12/3 – 43rd Annual Christmas Candlelight Tour
12/8 – Hospitality Night on the Mall
12/10 – 43rd Annual Christmas Candlelight Tour
12/17 – 43rd Annual Christmas Candlelight Tour
12/31 – New Year’s Eve at The Bacchus Inn B&B

Upcoming Events in Cape May

April 24th, 2016 by johnmatusiak

April 29 – May 8, 2016 – CAPE MAY’S SPRING FESTIVAL

May 29 – June 16, 2016 – CAPE MAY’S MUSIC FESTIVAL

June 5 – June 9, 2016 – CAPE MAY RESTAURANT WEEK



August 18th, 2015 by johnmatusiak

Summer is here and with it comes the heat. But it is OK because Cape May and The Bacchus Inn B&B are prepared and welcoming!

The Atlantic Ocean is still cool but comfortable after the initial plunge. The sun is hot all day. The evening offers relief and a cool breeze.  The Cape May beaches are always a welcome oasis down by the shore break. The breeze is pleasant and the sounds of the ocean are comforting. If the beach is too much, one can always retreat to the shops, restaurants, or an ice-cream parlor for a welcomed break.

The Bacchus Inn Bed & Breakfast is air conditioned. Afternoon refreshments include ice cold lemonade or a complimentary glass of sangria or wine. If you are ready for a snack, we also offer a variety of cheeses, crackers, olives, or nuts.

There is still lots to do in Cape May this summer.

Come down, visit and enjoy!

Cape May still cozy in 2015 with new attractions for your getaway vacation

June 12th, 2015 by johnmatusiak

The Bacchus Inn Bed & Breakfast is ready for the 2015 summer season. After a long, cold, winter and very chilly spring the warm weather is a welcomed change for Cape May.  The restaurants are open and the Washington Street Mall stores are filled with new summer fashion,  home decor, and whimsy. The air smells of good food and many vacationers are juggling bags and the obligatory ice cream cone. Everyone can put their concerns to rest because the Fudge Kitchen still has their employees offering free samples of fudge.

At the Bacchus Inn the porches are filling. Guests are out reading or people watching as the trolleys and horse and buggy go by. Afternoon refreshments are attended and the conversation follows the thoughts of the day. Sometimes the conversations goes to whats new. Well, to that thought, the Fire Pit Fridays at Willow Creek winery have been popular right through the cold weather. Willow Creek is the only winery on Cape May island although Cape May Winery, Hawk Haven Winery , and Turdo Winery are just off Island. They all have special events during the week. We lost one of the great Cape May restaurants in Cucina Rosa at the end of 2014. The previous owners were ready to retire. We now have That’s Amore in its place. It offers italian fare and has received good reviews from our guest. Gecko’s has moved to West Cape May. It is now on the way to the Cape May Point Lighthouse on West Perry St. The menu has changed slightly but it still has many favorites from the old place. The Pilot House is gone and now reopened as Finn’s.  The new owners undertook major renovations and the street scape is dramatically different.  I cannot comment on the fare because no one has gone and come back with a review.

Overall Cape May is the same cozy place we have learned to love as much as that comfortable old pair of shoes you will never throw away. Cape May has just added some new attractions just like the laces we needed to maintain those favorite shoes.  The Bacchus Inn Bed & Breakfast hopes you gather those favorite shoes and revisit Cape May and the Bacchus Inn Bed & Breakfast for a relaxing comfortable stroll.



January 22nd, 2015 by johnmatusiak

Studies have shown that not taking vacations is linked to health problems.  One study found that men who were at high risk for heart disease but failed to take annual vacations were 32% more susceptible to dying from a heart attack.

Alternatively, taking vacations have been found to help us “recharge our batteries”; we sleep more and sleep better during vacation and continue to for a period of time after the vacation (potentially up to 5 weeks afterwards!). Our brain responses become quicker after vacations, ultimately making us more productive in our jobs. In a study conducted in 2010, 35% of Americans feel better about their job and are more productive after a vacation.

Other benefits of taking time away include:

  • Vacations Promote Creativity
  • Vacations Decrease Burnout
  • Vacations Strengthen Bonds with Our Significant Other
  • Vacations Improve Our Overall Well-Being (One study found that three days after vacation, the participants’ physical complaints decreased, their quality of sleep improved, and their overall mood improved as compared to before their vacation. These gains were still present weeks later for many of these participants, especially in those who experienced a more satisfying vacation.)
  • Vacations Relieve Stress (No surprise here! Additionally, research shows that a satisfying vacation can lead to the experience of fewer stressful days up to five weeks later! How’s that for a return on an investment?)

Unfortunately, the reality is that about 25% of Americans don’t take any vacation at all.  Some people just don’t take vacations often enough.  While not everyone is in a situation to take a week-long vacation, there is no excuse to arrange a short getaway every once in a while.  The Bacchus Inn Bed & Breakfast is a great choice for anyone looking for time away. Whether for an extended vacation or a quick getaway, The Bacchus Inn B&B will deliver a satisfying retreat to help you “recharge your battery”. Your job and your health depends on it!


Higher Education and K-12 Bridges Conference in Cape May 2015

November 12th, 2014 by johnmatusiak

The Bacchus Inn Bed & Breakfast is proud to have accommodated and supported the Higher Education – K-12 Bridges Conference.
The Bacchus Inn staff have worked with members of P4CE for some time providing accommodations for their semi-annual board meetings and taking on the role of their liaison to Cape May. Planning quality events such as this require a knowledge of the destination and resources. The Bacchus Inn prides itself on understanding what Cape May has to offer as a beach resort and conference destination.  Through a consistent dialogue, The Bacchus Inn staff in union with The Cape May Convention Center provided information and assistance to P4CE event planners to help develop a quality experience for the conference attendees.The Bacchus Inn has been honored to provide accommodations during the conferences for keynote speakers, the executive members of the P4CE board and sponsors of this conference; Wilkes University, 3rd Learning, Chester County Intermediate Unit, Research for Better Schools, and Discovery Education.

The Bacchus Inn also hosted a networking event per the P4CE staff request.  The social engagement showcased exceptional products from Cape May Winery and Seaside Cheese of West Cape May.

This 2014 Higher Education Bridges Conference in Cape May event was a success for the planners, attendees, and Cape May.  A coordinated effort amongst P4CE staff, The Bacchus Inn, and the Cape May Convention Center were essential. The Bacchus Inn hopes that this conference will continue to be a model for future events showcasing our beautiful seashore resort, historic inns, and the Cape May Convention Center.

The 2015 Higher Education Bridges Conference is scheduled for April 29 – May 1, 2015, at the Cape May Convention Center.  Click here for more information.



May 1st, 2014 by johnmatusiak

Remember back to the year 2002?

  1. The cost of a first-class stamp is $.37
  2. 2002 Winter Olympics took place in Salt Lake City
  3. MTV reality show, “The Osbournes” debuted
  4. Kenneth L. Lay, chairman of the bankrupt company, Enron, resigns during the federal investigation of the company for hiding debt and misrepresenting earnings
  5. Pennsylvania miners are rescued after spending 77 hours in a flooded mine shaft
  6. John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo are arrested for sniper attacks around the DC suburbs killing ten and wounding others.
  7. Serena Williams defeated Venus Williams at Wimbledon
  8. Deaths: Milton Berle, Rosemary Clooney, John Gotti, Ann Landers, Princess Margaret, Dudley Moore, Johnny Unitas, and Ted Williams
  9. Movie debuts: “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, “Chicago”, and “Gangs of New York”. “Spider-Man” was the year’s box-office blockbuster, grossing over $406 million.
  10. John & Lisa opened The Bacchus Inn B&B in Cape May, NJ!

That is correct, 12 years ago John & Lisa opened the doors to a new bed & breakfast in Cape May, The Bacchus Inn. They started with 1 house and 6 guests rooms. Because John was also in the wine business at the time, it seemed to make sense to have a Bed and Breakfast with a wine theme. It proved to be a success and 2 1/2 years later they purchased the house across the street (formerly The Brass Bed) expanding the number of guest rooms to 13.

Look out for more exciting news to come soon – be sure to check back to find out more!

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